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Explore our selection of Eco-friendly Areca Plate, Coir Floor Mat, Ponni Rice, etc.

About Us
Like every company, we, Ramahi Export And Import, were also founded to suffice the increasing demands of people for a wide variety of agricultural goods. However, our work culture made us different from our competitors. We, as a trader, have always been aware of our responsibilities and have never hesitated to take one when it comes to coming up with the results that benefits us and our customers, both. For the same reason, we ally ourselves with some reputed businesses and experienced farmers to source Curry Leaf, Turmeric Finger, Coir Floor Mat, Moringa Leaf, Ponni Rice, Areca Plate, Coco Peat Block, Bio Stimulant and more of nonpareil quality. These and other agricultural goods that we offer our customers are Eco-friendly in nature and available at pocket-friendly prices. Seeing the increasing demands of these products across the world, we began operating as an exporter, as well. With a good export percent, we continue to bridge the gaps between our local markets and International markets.

Supply Chain
Predicting future of any supply chain system is wasting time as none can be certain about a forecast. However, researchers and supply strategists understand that the future of every supply chain completely depends on its past and present. Considering this, our people compile all the major happenings that has taken place in past and present for having a glimpse of what is about to come next. With this they strive day and night to manage our supply chain network. Supply chain management ensures better performance in this competitive business line. Some points over which we focus while ensuring effective supply chain management are cited below:
  • Aligning strategies of supply chain management with the overall goals of our company.
  • Making use of total cost for driving our decisions.
  • Aligning supply chain strategies with the requirements of our customers.
  • Measuring the performance of our supply chain management and aiming to make it better in the areas we lack, if any.

Secret of Success
Thanks to the know-how of our vendors, these always stand up to the expectations of our customers and the end-buyers. Needless to say, our vendors are the backbone of our company as they provide us with qualitative and cost-effective Curry Leaf, Coir Floor Mat, Areca Plate and other goods, within the time frame as we demanded. Besides, it is the hard work of our employees that enables us touch heights of success.